5 Things About Mirrorkote Sticker That You Need to Know!

by Ade La
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Almost everyone must be familiar with a sticker since it is widely used right now! You can find it easy around you, maybe in supermarkets, or even in libraries because someone applied it on their laptop. But, do you know that not all of the stickers you have seen are the same type? Although all stickers stick to an object, they are not the same. There are lots of varieties of stickers, but one of the instances is the mirrorkote sticker. Have you known about that before? In fact, you may frequently find it around you, but you don’t know it yet. So, if you are interested to get more details about the mirrorkote sticker, then you can keep reading a few things about it below! 

1. What Is MirrorKote Sticker? 

Basically, the mirrorkote sticker is cast coated paper with a slight gloss appearance. Because of its mirror surface, it is called a mirrorkote. It has an off-white color and has become one of the favorite choices for many people!  

2. Advantage 

Maybe you wonder why mirrorkote become people’s favorite? There must be some cause because it is impossible for people to like or choose something without any reason. Yes, that’s right! There are some advantages of mirrorkote stickers compared with other types. Here are the lists of the advantages! 

  • Mirrorkote is one of the most affordable stickers.  
  • If you need writable stickers, then mirrorkote can be your choice! It can be written on using a ballpoint pen.  
  • Slightly water-resistant. 
  • Its slight gloss appearance gives an impressive look.  
  • Easy to find.  

3. Disadvantage 

Everything has pros and cons, including mirrorkote. After you read and know some of the advantages, it also matters to know about the cons. By knowing it, you can consider not only the good thing but also the consequence that you’ll face by choosing it. A feature that renders the mirrorkote less acceptable because it is non-tearproof. So, if you need the tearproof sticker, you won’t be suggested to use mirrorkote. Other alternatives you can consider are transparent stickers, Matt White PP, and others. 

4. What Can I Do By Using It? 

Mirrorkote becomes people’s favorite since it has several advantages that attract people to use it. But do you know what you can do by using it? Actually, you can use a mirrorkote sticker for a variety of purposes. Let’s take one example, a mirrorkote sticker for sticking on the package. You can make it as a brand label, product information label, and other packages sticker. Usually, a mirrorkote sticker is also used by entrepreneurs to minimize the cost.  

5. How Can I Get It? 

If you ask how you can get it, for any purposes, then you have two options. First, make it by yourself (or you can ask the professional to do the design). The second one, you can buy it. But don’t forget to print it. You also have two alternatives for it. Print it by yourself or go to a professional sticker printing. But, if you want to make an appealing mirrorkote sticker with a good quality result, then you’ll be suggested to choose professional sticker printing such as sticker printing in Singapore instead of print it independently at home. 

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