A Quick Guide to Choose the Right Easel Stand

by Effa Ween
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Getting your first easel stand Singapore can be confusing because you perhaps have realized that there are so many different types of easel stands once you type out the keyword into the search engine. And you start to wonder, what kind of easel stand is the best for beginners? Is getting an easel stand even necessary? 

Don’t worry, sit back, and let’s get into it one by one.  

Do I Really Need an Easel Stand? 

This thought might have crossed your mind because easel stands can get quite costly and you start wondering whether or not you should get it. Well, an easel stand is not exactly mandatory, but it is most definitely helpful and once you start using it, you will understand how important an easel stand is for working on your piece. 

An easel stand gives you comfort in working because you can do your painting upright instead of horizontally. This gives you better posture and most likely hinders you from getting sore too quickly from a bad working position. In the long term, it helps you avoid any problems from prolonged bad working habits. 

An easel stand also helps you in making sure that your canvas is free from dust and other possible dangers such as water spillage or perhaps your cat stepping over your work. Who knows, right? 

Also, with an easel stand, you can observe your painting from the distance to make sure that it looks nice from the perspective of your art viewer. This may also give you more inspiration and eventually motivation to work on your painting. 

What to Consider When Getting an Easel Stand? 

Mostly, think about your preferences. Do you like working indoors or outdoors? Or even both? Do you have to move a lot? What size of canvas do you work with? What about the type of paint you use? All these are important to consider in order to choose the right type of easel stands for you. You can also add the price of the easel stand for consideration because some are economical and some are more expensive than the others, and you are free to choose depending on the budget that you have. 

Studio Easel Stand 

If you are working in an art studio, then you should consider one of the studio easels stand types such as the A-frame easel stand, H-frame easel stand, single mast easel stand, and others. These three are the most commonly used types of easel stands that people use, but there are still a lot more different types of easel stands, even one with bench to make it even more comfortable for you to work on your painting. 

Display Easel Stand 

Once you are done working with your painting, you might want to put it for display. You can get a display easel stand for this because it does not require you to hang it up and whenever you want to remove it, you can do it in very simple steps. You can also definitely use this in exhibitions. 

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