Advantages of Owning a Common Seal You Should Know Before Getting One

by Ade La
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A common seal might be not obligatory for businesses no more. But still, it is very beneficial and advantageous, especially for the purpose of authorization of legal documents that are to be released by the organization, or simply letters for clients and other prospective business affiliations. There are various reasons why even in this technological era, the existence of a common seal in Singapore still prevails and often still needed.

1. International Business Purposes

The countries in the world are divided on the decision or opinion regarding the necessity of a common seal. Some don’t require it anymore, some still do. As your company grows, it is not impossible that your company will have to create a business relationship even with overseas companies. There’s a chance that you might get to start a project or deal with them. Now, there’s also a chance that they require you to provide the mark of your common seal or company seal at the bottom of your agreement letter. Imagine if you don’t have it. You’ll miss a huge chance. Always be prepared to grasp any chance that comes your way, one of them is by having a professional business common seal.

2. Professional

Adding the signature of the company’s director is now enough for document release. However, that doesn’t stop the fact that leaving the imprint of a common seal along with the designer will appear better. It will be easier for you to come off as professional and pleasant this way. If you can impress your clients or another target in a positive way, there are chances for more things to come or simply putting it; success in the future.

3. In Case of Emergency

What if a document needs to get approved and released within the day where the company director or anyone in charge present? Don’t worry, you only have to contact the company and receive the words to substitute their signature for the process of documentation. This substitution only can be done under urgent times and only by the secretary shall the directors are absent.

4. Irrefutable Authenticity

A signature can be easily copied or forged. However, it is quite difficult for the mark of a common seal to be copied. That’s why if you can provide the impression of your common seal onto your document’s surface, it will help greatly to ensure the receiver’s end that they are receiving an official document

Manufacturing tips: You should always check and ask them if they can provide you the portfolio of the manufacturer you choose. Preferably one that you can really see and touch to consider. Different manufacturer has different touches and outcomes, they also have their own style and preference. Of course, the price differs too. However, this usually is worth the price because the higher the quality of a stamp is, you will be having it for a long time without having to worry about it getting broken all too easy. It is definitely good to invest in a slightly more expensive yet durable tool for work.

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