Beneficial Sticker Designing Tips for Business

by Diana Ra
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Marketing and advertising are crucial to ensure the growth and continuity of a business as they keep your brand stays relevant in the market. However, marketing and advertising can cost quite a lot. For businesses with limited budgets, especially smaller ones that haven’t run for long enough to gain enough profits for grand marketing campaigns, a low-cost alternative is absolutely needed, even if the smallest gesture that can promote the business will be very advantageous. Well, one of the things that small businesses can do is to try promoting and getting people to know you by distributing stickers.

Sticker printing may sound like something that is not significant, and it does not sound like something that would work. But with a great design and distribution strategy, stickers can really help you in gaining more customers and eventually revenue for your business at an affordable production cost.

One of the things that you need to pay attention to the most is the design of the stickers. In this article, you will get several useful tips that you can implement as you try to come up with the best design of a sticker that will help you with your business.

1. Sticker Layout and Design

If you are more familiar with a design software, then you can feel free to design your sticker from scratch. However, if it is too difficult for you, you can try finding templates on the internet that are customizable. Or, of course, you can always hire a graphic designer. Although this option will cost you so much more money. If you design from scratch, your sticker will look more personalized and exclusive, since nobody else can come up with the same design. With templates, there is a chance that it will look similar to someone else’s that choose the same options as you do as they customize the template. It is important to try to be as original as possible so that you can stand out more and appear more interesting.

2. Choose Appropriate Colors

Of course, you can’t print your stickers in black and white only. Colors will surely make it look more appealing and it can really leave a strong impression on the people who receive the card. It is preferable if you choose vibrant colors for your stickers, however, it depends on the identity of your brand as well. You have to choose the color that represents your brand the best, especially if your brand already has a designated or custom color. Using a uniform color across everything will create a cohesive look and boosts brand recognition.

3. Be Different

Stickers can come in many shapes. Try to have your stickers cut into a shape that is unique. This will make you look different and most likely will be able to leave a stronger impact on the people who see your stickers. The shape must represent the personality and image of the brand that you want to portray, let people know what kind of business your company is.

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