Branded Content: What Is It And Why Does Mandreel Offer It As Marketing

by Effa Ween
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Digital marketing has evolved a lot in the last years, always in favor of satisfying the needs of each client. After all, the digital world continues to surprise and advance, making sales communication better and better. One of the new marketing techniques that are generating very positive effects is Branded Content.

Branded Content is something that we have seen at some point unintentionally, such as when we watch a movie, series, or news and we see in it the consumption or promotion of brands, products, and services recognized worldwide without making any direct reference to them.

But what is Branded Content?

Branded Content is nothing more than relevant, informative, interesting, or entertaining content that is presented in a subtle advertising aspect. It is not a matter of focusing on the promotion of the product or mentioning its characteristics, but only shows the values affiliated to the brand in an implicit way. The aim of this advertising strategy is to connect with users by creating an emotional bond.

Sometimes, some marketing agencies tend to confuse this strategy with product placement, but to clarify the difference between these Mandreel defines those aspects not found in the Branded Content: sponsorship, advertising, press releases, reports, product placement, and campaigns with media appearances of the brand.

How does implement Branded Content in its marketing strategy?

Mandreel uses a strategy to implement Branded Content in the marketing of a brand. The first thing it does is an analysis of the specific audience. This identifies the needs, interests, expectations, and possible solutions to problems encountered.

After gathering the information, we proceed to generate interesting content for the public, which they define as the brand’s discourse. In this stage, seeks to encourage conversation rather than advertising an article or service, remembering that interaction with customers is the basis of the links to transmit emotions, capture, and build user loyalty.

Once the strategies and design have been established, the brand will begin to make itself known and to position itself higher, establishing the engagement with each user, who can choose on their own the product or service with which they feel most comfortable.

Benefits of Branded Content

Mandreel ensures that branded content as a marketing strategy brings many benefits. Among them are the following:

  • Establishment of great empathy with customers through relevant information.
  • Customer loyalty thanks to the stable emotional bond with each one.
  • It promotes inspiration and interest to the public by presenting itself in an entertaining way.
  • Ensures the commitment of the client to interact with the brand or product.
  • Boosts the brand’s positioning until it becomes a reference.
  • Promotes word-of-mouth marketing, as a satisfied customer will recommend the site or brand to friends and family
  • Expands the brand’s message with its viral content

All this and more benefits can be obtained with the application of Branded Content in your marketing strategy. However, the best thing is to have a specialized marketing agency like, which can take full advantage of each of the resources of the brand, making it better positioned in scale.

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