Choose the Best Type of Postcard for Your Business From These 5 Alternatives

by Diana Ra
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Even to this day, postcards are still regarded as one of the most effective yet affordable traditional marketing tools that you can get. 

As long as mail marketing is still a good and used method of approaching target customers, then you will still need postcard printing in Singapore to get new customers, catch up with old ones, and build customer relationships over time. 

If it is your first time using a postcard as a marketing tool, then you might want to go over the types of postcards that you can print for your business. 

1. Standard Postcard 

The standard postcard for marketing is most likely known by a lot of people. Surely, you have seen this one too at least once even though you probably haven’t gotten a postcard in a lot of years. 

The standard postcard that you can print comes in a size of 4.25 inches x 5.6 inches, which is around the A6 size, the most common size of a postcard that people use. 

The great thing about the standard postcard is that it is small and easy to mail. However, it can get difficult for marketing especially if you have a lot to say on your postcard. Not that it is impossible to do marketing with this postcard, though. You just have to be smarter with your copy and make sure that it counts. 

2. Large Postcard 

The large postcard comes in a bigger size than the standard postcard. Its size of 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches can fit more text, images, and other decorations for the postcard. This size is even more ideal for marketing because it stands out better than the standard sized postcard. With this postcard, you can also design easier and think up longer words to say to your customers. 

3. Block Postcard 

Is the large sized postcard not enough? Maybe you can look into the block postcard. The block postcard is even larger than the large postcard with a size of 6.125 inches x 8.25 inches. With this type of postcard, you can include multiple large photos company logo, larger typeface, and more embellishments for your postcard. You can use the back side of the block postcard to print high quality images with intriguing call to action sentence to attract your customers better. 

4. Panoramic Postcard 

If you need a really big postcard, then you need a panoramic postcard. Compared to the block postcard, the panoramic postcard is significantly bigger. The usual size of a panoramic postcard is 5.275 x 11.25 inches and with this size you should make sure that all the included elements are of high quality and resolution for the most satisfying postcard printing results. 

So, that was 4 types of postcards you can consider for mail marketing that you need to know.. Which one do you think is the best for your business? Don’t forget to choose high quality materials as well for the best possible results and stronger impression on the recipient of your postcard. Good luck with your mail marketing! 

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