Decide on These 5 Essential Things Before Ordering a Self-Inking Stamp!

by Effa Ween
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Today, the self-inking stamp is one of the most popular rubber stamps. This stamp uses water-based inks, and it will re-inks every time the impression is created. This stamp is widely used as an address stamp, teacher’s stamp, or even company stamp. The reasons why the self ink stamp become popular because it has an affordable price and easy to use. You don’t have to read specific directions to stamp it on the document as it is super simple to apply. If you are interested in owning it for any reason, there are a few essential things that should be decided before you order it. So, here are the details! 

1. Perfect Size 

Once you have decided to have a self-inking stamp, you need to know the size that will be perfect for it. The stamp is not only available in one size. The size varies and usually will be adjusted to the type and size of the documents. So, if you have no idea about the size of your self ink stamp, you can try to identify the type and size of the document that will be affixed using your self ink stamp. By knowing it, at least you have an estimation to determine the right size for your stamp. 

2. Design 

Before you ask a stamp maker to manufacture your stamp, you have to decide the design. If you have already created it, that is great! But if you haven’t prepared it, don’t worry, you can start making it now. A design will be required if you want to create a specific design or engraving on a stamp. So, for those of you who want to make such an address stamp or pass stamp, there is no need to prepare a design for it. 

3. The Shape of the Self-Inking Stamp 

Which shape will be perfect for your stamp? Have you decided about that? Determining the shape of the stamp is essential. You need to know what shape will fit your stamp. You can choose between rectangular or round since both of them are the most common and popular shape for the self-inking stamp! 

4. Ink Colour 

Have you decided what color you will use for the stamp? If you have not decided yet, then it is time to think about it. Blue is the most popular ink color because it is used by many people in various types of documents. But blue is not the only ink color that available for self-inking stamps. There are also black, red, and green colors which you can choose from.  

Note: Be careful about choosing the red ink color as it sometimes refers to something urgent or rejection. 

5. Decide Where You Will Manufacture It! 

The last, you have to decide where you will create it. The rubber stamp makers are not difficult to find since there are lots of demand for it. But please don’t choose it easily. The quality of your stamp is determined by the stamp makers you choose. It’s okay to look for a maker that offers the most effective price, but make sure they specialize and experienced in producing a rubber stamp to help you get a good quality of result! 

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