Do These 4 Things to Make Your Foamboard Stands Out

by Effa Ween
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Are you looking for the foamboard that suits your needs? You can make it at your nearest foamboard printing. You can also do any of the following to make it stand out. 

1. Shape Like No Other 

Foamboard is an alternative media for promotion. Usually, the promotion is done directly to the customer on-site. The thing that will attract your potential customers when using the foamboard is the shape of the foamboard itself. This is probably one of the keys to success using foamboard. The shape you design should attract attention. What it means to attract attention? It is a way that a foamboard will spontaneously gain your attention. Maybe you’ve seen a foamboard or two in a shopping centre, or even at the agency where you work. If you see it in a shopping centre, then maybe you can see a foamboard which is formed with the design of a person holding a product. Or maybe a foamboard of a person wearing a mask as a sign and message to people. These examples signal that there is a shape that has to be different and unique for people to be interested in seeing it. And eventually will take a look and purchase some of your products. In principle, the required design is a photo of a person holding the product to be promoted. After that, you print at the nearest digital printing place. 

2. Choose the Colour That Match the Vibe 

What comes to your mind when you think of a world football event? You might think about the festivity and the various colours that are in the event. The colours of an event usually come from the characteristics of the country/region chosen to hold it. This characteristic can come from a culture or other things. Not infrequently, if you attend an event to watch football together, you will find a foamboard in the form of a team’s favourite soccer player. The colours and themes that are paired are what draw attention and encourage people to pay attention to the foamboard in even more detail.  

3. Put It in A Strategic Location 

If you are a business owner, then you want to make a good foamboard. But, a good foamboard alone is not enough to grab your customers’ attention. But you need to have a strategic place to put it. Why is that? Because to get attention and traffic from consumers, you actually need to meet them. And it is in strategic places that you will find your potential customers. For example, you will sell the latest masks, targeting consumers of all ages. Then you need to choose a shopping centre where the mobility of people passing by is high. 

4. Engage with Your Potential Customer 

This point is arguably a connection from the previous point. When you have designed the foamboard, printed it, and placed it in a strategic place, then you will meet your potential customer. Invite them to interact with the products/services you have. You need to be friendly and smile at people, especially your potential customer to get a good impression and approachable. Good luck!

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