More Tips on Starting a Bakery

by Effa Ween
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Have you made your business plan and think about your finances? Are you not sure what is next to do? Don’t worry, we got you covered. After you have the money to start, create a perfect business plan, research about getting the permits and licenses for your business, found the right space for your business operations, and gathered enough startup costs, then you can really start to make a move to bring your goals to realization.

Well, let’s head on to the first thing you have to do.

Design a Layout

Since you have your bakery space covered, then you need to start thinking of the right layout for your business operations. Creating a proper floor plan or layout is very important in determining the effectivity and efficiency of your day to day operations. Generally, there are four floor plans that can be good for optimizing your business.

1. Straight Floor Plan: The display cases are organized in straight lines, making it easy for customers to browse through them

2. Angular Floor Plan: This floor plan has curved displays so that you can show an upscale presentation

3. Diagonal Floor Plan: This floor plan makes your customers flow through your bakery easily

4. Mixed Floor Plan: You can combine two or more of the aforementioned floor plans to maximize your shop space

Bakery Equipment

Next, you need to order equipment for your bakery. A bakery business can not proceed without the right types of equipment. List down what you need based on the type of goods that you are planning to sell. You should at least have equipment for dough preparation such as mixers, work tables, dough dividers, dough sheeters, and dough scales. You have to think about the storage for both of your ingredients and equipment. You will need shelving and storage racks as essentials, as well as refrigerators. If you need to move large bags around your kitchen, you will have to invest in carts or dollies for ease of transportation. You will also require display cases for your baked goods, and lastly, to maintain good hygiene of your shop, you will need a proper sink and hand washing station along with other sanitary needs such as gloves, cleaning chemicals, sponges, and others.

Hiring Staff

What’s next in line of your bakery needs? Well, think about how you are going to run your business without employees. Of course, it is not possible. You will have to hire staff. Start to hire staff for basic needs and works around the bakery, such as preparing and baking your goods, cashier, and staff for cleaning. You have to make sure that your staff is skilled enough for their designated jobs. If they are not meeting your expectations, then you have to give them training especially when it comes to the core tasks of the business.

Marketing and Advertising

Before you officially open your business, it is important to raise people’s expectations and let them know that you are going to operate. Marketing and advertising are very crucial for the first steps in opening a business, and you will have to occasionally renew your campaigns to maintain customers as well as gain new ones. You can visit A1 to find out more on how you can start your bakery business.

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