Steps of Wax Sealing For Beginners

by Ade La
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You might have seen wax sealing from videos around the internet. But did you know that wax sealing was more than just art and craft in the past? It was used to seal documents or envelopes before they get sent to a certain recipient. A wax seal can help the recipient identify the sender as it is usually engraved with a family mark, and the recipient can also confirm its safety because as long as the wax seal is intact, then the document or letter hasn’t been tampered yet. Now, since people no longer really send physical letters, wax sealing is enjoyed as decorations. Many use wax sealing on certificates, product packaging, wedding invitations, and many more. If you yourself is interested in wax sealing, then read more about it below to get started. If you wish to find out more you can visit

Most important question: what are needed for wax sealing? 

You guessed it. First up, you will need a wax. There are several different types of waxes that you can choose depending on the purpose or goal that you want to achieve with it. Commonly, there are two main groups of waxes, which are the traditional wax seal and the flexible wax seal. Depending on the producer, the quality and characteristics may differ slightly. But generally, the traditional wax is the classic formulation of wax seal that has been used for a long time, which is the more rigid type of wax seal compared to the flexible one. There are different colors that you can also choose for your wax seal. 

Not only the general type of wax, but the shape of wax also varies. Some waxes come in stick, some block. Stick waxes are more suitable for glue gun, while the other can be melted better with wax spoon. 

After deciding the type of wax you want to work with, then you have to choose the right tool as well especially for melting the wax. As mentioned before, you can either choose a glue gun or a wax spoon. A glue gun is convenient because it does not need a heat source as it is able to melt the wax itself. However, according to people, it is more difficult to control for beginners. Meanwhile, it is easier for newly starting people to use wax spoon to pour down the melted wax onto the surface of paper or wherever you want the wax seal to be. 

After pouring down the wax seal, of course you need to stamp it. You can either choose to use a pre made stamp that you can readily buy in a craft store or manufacture a custom stamp that is uniquely your own. This stamp is to be pressed down onto melted wax before it hardens. It is not to be lifted until the wax is fully solid. After it is completely cooled down, you can easily remove the stamp and get yourself your very own wax seal. You can freely decorate it after this, with colorful inks or other ornaments and embellishments that suits the look. 

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