Tips for Preparing A Wedding Invitation Card!

by Ade La
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Once you and your partner decide to get married, then it is time for you both to think about the wedding plan. For some couples, it can take more or less than a year. However, the most common time to prepare for a wedding is about a year of preparation.  

Now, if you are in the process of preparing all of those small to large elements for your wedding, then you should not forget to prepare wedding cards. A wedding card is something that absolutely necessary when you want to share and celebrate your big day with others.  

We could say that making wedding cards is not too difficult, but if you take it lightly then you might get into trouble. So, to help you make the cards, maybe a few tips below can work and be applied during the making process! 

1. The Guest List Is Fundamental 

In making a wedding card, you need to keep in mind that the guest list is fundamental! The guest list determines many elements in a wedding preparation such as venue, catering, and also your wedding card. Your wedding card depends on it, which is why you should complete the list beforehand. But how the guest list affect invitation cards? On the guest list, the most important things you will know is about the number of guests that will be invited to the wedding. Of course, that will determine the number of invitations that you have to prepare. Moreover, based on the guest list, you will know exactly who and where the card will send.  

Note: If you have a year to prepare for your wedding, then you can start compiling the list 12 – 9 months in advance. For the finalizing process, you need to do it 8 – 6 months before the wedding.  

2. Make Sure That You Have Planned the Timeline 

One of the most important things in preparing a wedding card is that you need to know about when to start and complete each step of making it.  Here is an example of the timeline if you have a year for preparation. 

  • Compile the guest list: 12 – 9 months before the wedding 
  • Finalize the guest list: 8-6 months before the wedding 
  • Start designing and ordering the card: 5-4 months before the day 
  • Send the cards: 8-6 weeks before the day. But for recipients who live in another city or countries, you can send the card earlier or send them a virtual invitation. 

Note: You can make some adjustments if you have more or less time for preparing your wedding. 

3. About Material and Printing 

There are tons of materials for printing your wedding cards, and it is better for you to know some of them. Why? Because it can help you in determining which one will suit your needs, expectations, and budget. A few popular materials for wedding cards are Art paper, Art Card, Shimmering Marble White Card, Naturalis Vanilla Smooth Cards, Matt White GQ Offset Card, and many other types. And then about printing, you don’t have any reason for not concerning it. The printing quality determines the result of your wedding card. So, to get great results of the card, you are recommended to go to a specialist and professional wedding card printing service to print yours!

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